Glamour Seamed Stockings Grey
Glamour Seamed Stockings Grey

Glamour Seamed Stockings Grey

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* Go monochrome in our grey Glamour seamed nylons

* A great alternative to plain black nylons, they give you look a subtle twist

* Colour also works as a 'barely black'

* 15 denier mid grey leg with black foot, seam and welt

S/M (5FT 1-7, TO DRESS UK 18)

Beautiful mid grey sheer nylons with a striking contrasting black foot, seam and welt. These sophisticated nylons make a great alternative to plain black stockings, the grey is a little less harsh and more forgiving. Plus, with a slightly lighter leg, the black detailing really stands out.

Wear in place of black stockings when you want a little more contrast, or team with a tailored grey dress for a stylish Film Noir Femme Fatale look.

If you are new to sheer hosiery please be aware that your nylons need to be worn, washed and stored with care to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible. For wear and care tips please check out our 'Caring For Your Stocking Page' page.

* Designed to fit up to a UK dress size 18, up to 29" thighs

* Sheer 15 denier nylon

* Wide, stretchy welt

* 87% Nylon, 10% Elastane, 3% Polypropylene

* Made in Italy