It all started when...

I had a connection with vintage clothes since I was a young child. The attraction is instinctive and has been consistently strong throughout the subsequent years. I felt the subtle appeal very clearly before I was even old enough to understand the concept of vintage, and certainly before I realised its potential in personal styling. A few years working abroad in the Arabian region and frequenting many of the ‘souks’ (markets) furthered my interest in gathering vintage items.

I have studied History of Fashion at the London College of Fashion, and Fashion Styling at the London Academy of Film and Media. I also have a degree in politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, and spent some time working in several embassies abroad. However, from all the varied work in my career, my first love and consistent passion remains 'Vintage'.

Hunting for vintage items requires an astute sense of recognising authentic quality as well as their future potential in styling. Some people have this ability innately but it can also be learnt through training and experience. I still travel throughout the world, carefully selecting quality desirable vintage items. From time to time certain sections of my site may appear not to have many items; this is because I do not buy in bulk and only carefully select acceptable fine quality items.


The excitement in discovering a highly desirable item of vintage from an unexpected place is very satisfying, but perhaps even more exciting is the possibility of what can be achieved with such items of vintage. This feeling of excitement when the desired results are achieved is so over-whelming, that beyond styling myself, I wanted to involve other women in this endeavour, and created Evocative Vintage